Day 2: Smoothies…in a bowl?

It’s Day 2 and I haven’t given up or gone on a chocolate binge. I would call that a small victory. My taste buds seem to be getting used to clean, whole foods as I’m finding simple pleasures in vegetables & pulses. Green smoothies, avocado on toast and beets get two enthusiastic thumbs up. On the other hand, I’m struggling to enjoy a stir fry without peanut or curry sauces. Lentils still taste earthy and have yet to impress me in their natural state. In a lentil loaf with copious amounts of ketchup they are amazing, but paired with rice and veggies? They’re just a pale imitation of other, tastier beans.

I’ve noticed that I’ve been drinking a lot more water recently, which might be a combination of an attempt to keep hydrated in dry heat and stave off hunger pangs. This is a positive change for me, as I’m a shameless caffeine addict and probably don’t drink enough water on a regular basis–training days are an exception. Most liquids I drink have some form of caffeine in them and I know that I’m likely cutting my life expectancy down significantly, but I’m not about to quit. Small pleasures keep me going.

I’ve also noticed how much eating a plant-based diet sets me apart from other people. Summer is a time of ice cream and alcoholic drinks with tiny umbrellas in them. Though I would not want to eat dairy to begin with, the lack of alcoholic beverages is likely to make me squirrelly. People keep asking me to socialize and have various forms of dairy or alcoholic beverages with them. I’m trying to stay strong, abstain and remember what I’m doing this for… What am I doing this for? That might be a topic for tomorrow’s blog post.

The (food) highlight of my day was: the green smoothie in a bowl. I could eat that for a thousand meals in a row and I would still love it. It’s thick, it’s creamy, it looks like alien swamp juice, but I assure you that it tastes amazing.

Mmm. Green.


That’s a date on top. Not a misplaced rock or…well, we both know what else it looks like.

Such a far cry from my vegan baked goods, which I miss so much right now. Somewhere in the distance…the world’s tiniest violin plays a song of profound sorrow.



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