Day 8-11: Thursday Thoughts

**Full disclosure: I am surviving on copious amounts of plants and caffeine and little sleep. Bear with me. If there are spelling errors, typos, or grammatical errors, feel free to gloss over them. Or just infer what I was trying to say.**

Right. Now that’s over with. The days have begun to blur together now that it is end-of-summer madness in the industrial working world. I don’t quite understand the logic of putting more pressure on those who had previously had a lot of pressure on them, but there it is. Kind of like cramming for exams at the last minute…but weeks of exams. Outside. In torrential downpours and, alternately, under the blistering hot sun. But I digress. You don’t want to hear me whine and moan about working life. You want to hear about the plant-based lifting life.

Today I received a shiny new Olympic lifting program to follow. Since Mr. Trainer wasn’t available for a session, I took it home to study. A lot of the movements are familiar, but there are a few new ones to keep it interesting. I will be doing the Thursday workout on Friday, so I can report back to you all and let you know how it goes. Every time I receive a new training program, I feel like James Bond or some sort of super secret spy receiving a mission. This is my mission, should I choose to accept it (and work toward hitting new PRs). Maybe I should adopt a saucy spy name like The Vegan Vixen or Vegan Valkyrie or something of that ilk. Hmm.

As for the diet, it is getting challenging again. I’m beginning to crave foods I have never really craved before, and I’m wondering whether that’s because I’ve cut out a lot of my favourite “cheat foods” or because I’m missing nutrients. Today, for example, I was working in the vicinity of a Chinese restaurant and it smelled like a combination of lemon breaded chicken and ginger beef. Prior to this plant-based diet adventure, I didn’t really eat much meat OR fried foods, but now I’m craving it? Bizarre. Don’t worry, I didn’t break down and chow down on my animal friends. I just had a moment of weakness and craving.

I’ve actually started warming up to the idea of eating a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. I had one this morning and one yesterday morning. It wasn’t really that bad. I actually enjoyed them. I don’t know if it keeps me as full as the green smoothies do, but it’s nice to alternate between the two options. I’m also happy to report that I haven’t broken down and bought 5 bars of dark chocolate, ate them and descended into a sugar food coma. I have thought about it this week. Daily.

In sum: Oatmeal, not bad. Lifting, exciting new challenges! The Vegan Vixen. Spy name? Meat cravings…why? Chocolate, I miss you. Caffeine, we really need to have a serious talk about the fact you’re not working for me anymore.

Until next time, mes amis!


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