Day 1: Let’s Begin!

This is my first entry, so I’m going to keep it honest and concise. I was pretty excited to begin today, but realised how challenging it will be to adhere to specific dietary plan. I have been systematically cutting out animal products from my diet for the past week, so that part hasn’t been a problem. The problem arose when I realised I wouldn’t be having any sugar, additional flavourings or “cheat meals”. At all. No chocolate. No peanut sauces. No deviation from whole, unprocessed foods. Getting over the psychological/emotional attachment I have to food and treating it as purely functional may the greatest obstacle I face over the next month. It is that part that may not be sustainable, because, as I will discuss later, foods carry cultural and emotional significance.

Thus far, I have found the food preparation has been a labour and time intensive process. While I could appreciate the different textures and flavours of plant-based foods, they were rather bland. Keep in mind that this critique is coming from someone whose favourite foods include broccoli. My hunger was sated but I was left largely unsatisfied. My own vegan/vegetarian recipes were a lot more filling and flavourful (and included a lot more fats & sugars…). Perhaps these are growing pains that will disappear once I settle into a routine. So far, I find that I think about food a lot more than I normally do and that is not a comfortable place for me to be in.

My other observation is that the majority of foods I have been eating come in bowls. A bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, a bowl of stir-fry for lunch…and I was genuinely excited for dinner because I got to use a plate. Not the best start to the week, but it is bound to get better. Right?