What is this?

Quite simply: it is a daily blog tracking my journey of going meat-free (& dairy-free & egg-free) for 31 days beginning 01 August, 2016. What is simple is seldom easy or without challenges, so I thought it would be interesting to document my experiences. Before embarking on this journey, I had one question that I sought to answer. Is a plant-based diet sustainable and affordable?  Leading up to 01 August 2016, I formulated a few more questions that I will seek to answer during these (potentially challenging) 31 days. Could I incorporate a plant-based diet into my life without falling into disordered eating habits? Could I follow a plan closely and still have fun? Could I prove that an active lifestyle incorporating a plant-based diet will lead to muscle & strength gain rather than loss? What is a “healthy” diet? What is an “ethical” diet? What wider impacts do my purchases and dietary habits have?

As with all matters, I am skeptical that I will feel different after this challenge comes to a close. For full disclosure, I should let you know that I had attempted to go vegetarian/vegan before without much success. I inevitably ended up miserable, ill, or missing foods I had loved previously (e.g. sushi & cheese). However, I’ve seen several shining examples of well-adjusted, informed and intelligent human beings who have made the switch to veganism and I personally want to know why they stuck with it.

A healthy plant-based diet seems to incorporate a lot more thought, preparation and planning than vegetarian or non-vegetarian diets. I think that’s the point. Forcing myself to buy, prepare, and process my own food made me appreciate not only the work that goes into growing it but also think about from where it’s sourced. It also makes me appreciate the true mastery that goes into preparing and coming up with creative recipes.

I know that I will probably come up with more questions than answers upon embarking on this  lifestyle change, but I hope that you, dear reader, enjoy reading about my foray into the weird and controversial world of veganism.